2015-04-21: First page is up! In your face, Internet. You said it couldn't be done. Well, it's done. Fool.

I'm going to take things very slowly, with very little promoting, as I feel there is little reason to promote a webcomic that has a grand total of one page. Which means that if you're reading this on launch day, congratulations, you're a VIP (hi, mom). Nevertheless, thanks for the support. I hope my site gets a special place in your bookmarks (wink).

Right now I'm struggling with a few things, mainly the JPEG compression. I found that, for the same file size, I got better results by using oversized images and compressing them more, then scaling them down. I did not expect that, but I'll go with it as it allows for a better quality zoom on TVs and tablets. I might reconsider depending on feedback. Do you see any problem with the page? Yes, no? Maybe? It doesn't count if you're using Internet Explorer.

DazzWorld is a webcomic about dazzling heroes, space travel, strange new worlds, engaging mysteries, and Love. There's also a chinchilla. The comic is updated weekly on Tuesdays.

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Creator: benbd@dazzworld.com [Twitter: DazzBen]
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I'll be updating this space with other great comics and litterature. Feel free to contact me if you believe DazzWorld is worthy of linking to your website.