2015-05-26: I took a somewhat long break between drawing the last page and this one, and I think it really shows. To me, it feels just a little more polished, like a step in a more defined direction. It's funny how things can keep evolving by themselves when you leave them alone. This of course doesn't apply to everything: you still need to beat the crap out of a Pokémon if you want it to evolve. (I think that's how it works. I mean, I don't know. I hope not. Anyway.)

For those of you who might wonder if I'm actually going somewhere with this story or just playing it by ear, I can assure you that DazzWorld is not just about masked men having motion sickness and eating chinchillas. That's purely incidental. I've been dying to tell you more about the actual story and my plans for the future, but... no. No, I mustn't. I must be strong and keep you in the dark at all times. That's how entertainment works, dammit.

DazzWorld is a webcomic about dazzling heroes, space travel, strange new worlds, engaging mysteries, and Love. There's also a chinchilla. The comic is updated weekly on Tuesdays.

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