2015-07-14: Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking: how lazy is this guy? It's all the same panel! I want my 30 seconds back!

Well, first, no, it's not the same panel. The characters move tremendously and the colors are extremely different. The background goes from shades of purple to violet to mauve, then back to purple. Now that's some serious artmaking.

All kidding aside, when I was working on paper, I hated repeated panels and other similar shortcuts. It just felt cheap. However, since I've started this project, I kinda discovered the value of reusing stuff; not all the time and rarely from page to page, but on the same page I find it quite effective. In a scene where nothing is moving, there is an added effect for the reader if nothing moves at all, not even the point of view. Working entirely on a tablet made it pretty easy, of course, to obtain such a lack of dynamism.

So everybody wins, and I get more time to farm Motes of Light in Destiny. (Because that's the point of the game, right? To get as much of these as possible?)

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