2015-07-21: PRESS START

2015-07-21: Alright, here we are. Originally, this is where I wanted the story to start. Everything before this point could have been summarized in one panel with some background text: "Three masked men are chosen by an eccentric scientist to bring a cursed crystal to the outskirts of the universe aboard a spaceship, because reasons. Plus, there's a girl with them." But I decided to elaborate a little.

Actually, I envisioned what the comic would look like five or ten years from now, and realized I needed to make a little introduction so people would get a better feel of who the characters are when they decided to hit the "First" button. I'm pretty happy with what I've made, but I can't wait to get to 2023. That's when things will get really interesting.

DazzWorld is a webcomic about dazzling heroes, space travel, strange new worlds, engaging mysteries, and Love. There's also a chinchilla. The comic is updated weekly on Tuesdays.

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