2015-08-25: THE ROMANTIC

2015-08-25: As some of you might have noticed, I've removed the top menu of the site and replaced it with neat little icons. There's still space for more, but I've given up on the whole RSS thing. I still don't know who would be using a RSS feed nowadays or why, so that's it, I don't care anymore. I really tried to understand the concept, to give it a chance, but meh. I've got better things to do. Like playing awesome board games.

Dom and I have been engaged in a weirdly satisfying board game shopping spree since a few months ago, and we just can't stop buying, particularly games from Fantasy Flight. The sad part is, when we play, it's usually a 2-player thing, if not 1-player (there is still no 0-player option ah-ah). We don't have a crew of 8-10 nerdy (fully disposable) acolytes to entertain. It's just us. Well, sometimes I do play with my wife, who I truly thank for her devotion to the cause, but she doesn't have the authenticity of a balding/pony-tailed fat guy with a Magic t-shirt and a Powerglove. (By the way, I'm not judging you, Pony-Powerguy. You're awesome.)

There's a part of me that really, really likes to play these games, but I won't lie: there's a part of me that just likes owning them. I like the boxes, the cards, the tokens! I look at my library and I'm like "Man, my life is awesome because I could be playing that game, or that one, or even that one". There's nothing weird about that, right?


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