avatarben2015-09-01: Heyall. As you can see the people behind DazzWorld now have faces! (We still have masks. Superheroes are a shy bunch.)

Last Friday I had a very important business meeting with Christine, who gave me a ton of stuff to do for the website. On top of the pile, there it was: "Make us some avatars, you lazy bum!" And I thought "woah, that's rad" or something. I don't remember, there were drinks. And mussels, and fries. Mmmm... mussels...

The whole point is, I did make avatars, but I only had pictures ready for Dom and me (ah-ha!). So I thought this week would be a great opportunity to introduce... The KingDom.


avatardom2015-09-01: Hi folks! Dom here! As requested by the leader of the Dazz (Ben, in case you didn’t know it was him), I’m bringing my written contribution to the evolution of DazzWorld.com. For my first post, I thought I could simply introduce myself, since it’s super interesting polite to do so.  

Ben and I have known each other for a long time (like, almost 22 years now). We actually went to the same elementary school. Back then, I was a little fat/rejected kid, and Ben was a little wannabe popular kid hanging out with the cool or "bad" crowd. Yeah Ben, that’s right! You were evil back then! (...back then? wait a minute! aren’t you still evil today?) Anyway! We became friends in high school, and since I was still a fat nerd, Ben, growing up, became a nerd (even if he wasn’t fat). It’s during our lunch time, and during an incalculable amount of not-listening in class, that the Dazzling Heroes were born!  

On a more personal note: when I’m not in my red superhero costume fighting evil, I’m a full time husband and the father of an 11-month boy, a part-time videogame player (do I hear the Destiny bell? yeah I know, it’s so classic but still, it’s one of a heck of a shooter!), a part-time avid board game player (as stated in Ben’s post of August 25th), a quarter-time comic reader (mostly Spawn) and a fulltime government employee. Yeah, I’m a public servant! Don’t ask me what my job is; even I don’t truly understand it. I punch in every morning, punch out every night. I have a desk and a computer, but that’s all I know, really.  

So that’s it folks! Thanks a lot for reading DazzWorld, and we’ll see each other on a regular basis I hope!

-KingDom (that’s my gangster name) out!
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