avatarchri2015-09-08: Dearest readers. It is I, Christine.

Now that I finally have a face, it's my turn to ramble and properly introduce myself. I know Ben and Dom from high school as well. We were in rival nerdgangs, so I wasn't that close to them, except when sharing bus seats. I did try to go on a date to the Montreal Jazz Fest with Dom 15 years ago, but he ditched me (You didn't remember that one eh Dom! Don't worry; all is forgiven). But since we were part of THAT generation, I kept in touch with Ben via MSN Messenger and Facebook, and I guess we became good friends over the years.

As Ben previously explained, I will try to take some of the webcomic's workload off of his shoulders, so he can concentrate on writing and drawing... and sleeping at night. I think he accepted my help because of my ability to make structured and efficient to-do lists, and because I love comics (web and printed) with a fiery passion. As a long-time avid webcomic reader, being part of this project is absolutely thrilling, and I intend to have fun with it. I really hope to meet other artists and fans with whom I can share my love of the sequential art, and learn lots of cool stuff.

So as the creator's little helper, you can go through me for suggestions, requests or complaints. I'll roll them into a stick and smack Ben's head with it. In a very fashionable manner, of course.


avatarben2015-09-08: Well there you have it.

You now have the proof that I am not alone in this project, which makes me impervious to all future hermit jokes. We even have a girl. Granted, hermit jokes are not really a thing, but they could become one. And I'm not taking that chance. I know people; people know me.

Look, I'm super cool. Let's leave it at that. In other news, I just won 2 out of 3 games of Carcassonne. And it felt awesome.

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