avatarchri2015-09-15: Dearest readers,
We've checked something off the to-do list last week: Ben made a really nice banner for DazzWorld, and I used it to register DazzWorld at topwebcomics.com. You should check it out and vote for us!

The idea behind TopWebcomics is simple: you vote for your favorite webcomic, it gets promoted to the top, gains visibility, and sometimes wins awards. I found a few of my own favorites by browsing the top 100. The variety of genres and themes is very wide, so they might not all be to your liking. Still, I recommend you give it a try. I promise there are a few gems in there. I might talk about some of them in later ramblings.

Don't hesitate to comment on Facebook or Twitter to share your own favorite webcomics. I'm ALWAYS looking for something new to read. :)


avatarben2015-09-15: It's true, I did make a banner.

I made it with the intention of making the greatest banner ever. Christine warned me though: "I need a 468x60 pixels banner", she said. And I was like "hey, you got it".

Well, it turns out 468x60 pixels is really, really small. Have you seen this? (You may need a magnifier.)

It's microscopic! Microscopic, I tell you! What about my artistic vision? What about my creativity? My desire to please the eyes, my quest for perfection? Crushed, all crushed. So here, I'm posting the complete banner in exclusivity for you, as I intend to use it very soon in a worldwide advertisement campaign. I know I make it sound like a joke, but it's not; we'll soon reach a point in the story (and a number of pages) where I think it's appropriate to advertise, so the webcomic world will know DazzWorld!


OMG that's still way too small. You see that tiny speck next to the last "D"? On the ground? Here's what it is:


Totally worth it. :D

DazzWorld is a webcomic about dazzling heroes, space travel, strange new worlds, engaging mysteries, and Love. There's also a chinchilla. The comic is updated weekly on Tuesdays.

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