2015-09-22: THE GOURMET

avatarben2015-09-22: Alright, we need to talk about some serious stuff.

Board game boxes.

OK, maybe it's not that serious. Still, it's a problem. But not for me. Not anymore. You see, I'm somewhat of a maniac when it comes to organization. When I'm really into something, I need to dress it up just right. For instance, I bought that terrible Sunset Overdrive Xbox bundle because my TV cabinet was white. What I'm saying is, presentation is everything. Behold, my Thunderstone box:


For those of you who don't know what Thunderstone is, it's a deck-building game similar to Dominion (which I never played, so I don't know anything about it, but whatever), and it's pretty fun. It's also made of NOTHING BUT CARDS, with sweet little DIVIDERS. (For those of you who actually know this game, yes, I'm aware of the existence of Thunderstone Advance, but I only play board games in French for some reason, and they didn't translate that one, so I won't play it, and most of the sets are out-of-print already, and they're impossible to find, and blarg.)

The reason my Thunderstone box looks so PERFECT is because of the awesome stuff at thebrokentoken.com. With two big boxes and three expansions, I was drowning in cards, with nowhere to put them, shivering in fear whenever the Northern Canadian wind would blow mercilessly through my board game library (it does happen a lot). Now, everything fits in one box. We're talking about five game boxes that now fit into a single one. This certainly didn't cure my OCD, but it did bring joy to my sick, sick heart.

The organizer was easily put together, no glue was needed, and it fits nicely in the box. I also had some great service and ended up getting a freebie (by mistake, but still, I was kindly told to keep it); that's why I'm talking about this today. I was unintentionally bribed. Nevertheless, The Broken Token is Benapproved, and I'm considering buying more organizers for my other games. I mean, how sleek does that look:


Now excuse me while I go lie in bed with my Thunderstone box, and maybe some chips.

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