2015-10-20: DOMSORCISM

avatarben2015-10-20: This week I've been messing around with Google Analytics, so I could see if my ads were effective in redirecting people on DazzWorld. They seem to be, even though I'm not getting hundreds and hundreds of new readers yet. What's great about Analytics is that you can see in real time how many people are on your site, and what they're looking at. I've actually witnessed one person go from page 1 to page 26 in a single sitting, and that made my day. Thank you, anonymous user. I felt important there for a minute.

In other news, Christine and I have been talking about her role here at DazzWorld Inc., particularly on Twitter. At first, I wasn't supposed to use Twitter at all, and she would be DazzWorld's voice on that platform. But I've recently started enjoying it, to the point where everytime Christine and I would interact with each other, it looked fake or staged. At the same time, Christine felt as she was taking credit for the comic itself, which I can understand since DazzWorld is so rad. So we both decided to tune things down a notch, and from now on we'll have clearly separate personas on Twitter. It'll still look fake and staged, but only one half of your brain will notice.

In other, other news, I had the "chance" to pet one of those Chinese Crested dogs, you know the ones that look like Ziggy Stardust, and OMG it feels terrible. It's like... it's like... the cheek of a freshly shaved hobo. Didn't quite expect that.


avatarchri2015-10-20: This week is very special, ladies and gentlemen. Behold... The Future!

Yes, October 21st is Back to the Future Day. Can you believe I had to explain to Ben what that was? Well, I invite you all (and especially you, Ben) to watch my favourite trilogy once again during the weekend. This Halloween, anyone dressed like Marty McFly or Doc Brown will have twice as many candy from me, I can tell you that.

As for Twitter, I did get mistaken for DazzWorld's creator on a few occasions. It was fun to be praised for Ben's work, but potato-shaped hearts are all I can draw. I think the webcomic community on Twitter is mostly kept active by authors and illustrators, so I felt a little out of place as a mere reader. It's still a super friendly, quirky and stimulating place. It's really inspiring to witness so much passion and hard work. So I will keep hanging around on Twitter, see what other people can do, and admire their work with my ecstatic and loving reader's eyes.

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