avatarben2015-10-27: Hey, Internet. It's me. I haven't been super active on Facebook/Twitter these last few days, because I was busy getting older. This weekend was my birthday, and I must admit, I do FEEL older. Like, more broken than before? Brokener?

I'm not sure how to explain it; I feel like one of those Christmas nutcrackers. Yes, I said a nutcracker. And you know why? Because while they look functional, these pieces of crap don't really WORK. They look like something you'd be able to use, but their jaw explodes in a million little wooden shards at the first Brazil nut you stick in their mouth. What the hell?! And don't tell me they're supposed to be decorative; real decorative stuff doesn't have moving mechanisms. That's how you know you're not supposed to use it. Nutcrackers don't do that; they just come with a big "break me" handle. Ornaments shouldn't have an autodestruct function, except maybe those dolls that look like they're sulking, you know the ones you put in a corner facing the wall? Not sure if I'm decribing it well, but these should come with a flamethrower.

Anyway. Not sure where I was going with that. Must be the age.

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