2015-11-03: STANDARD ISSUE

avatarben2015-11-03: I've been told I sounded quite depressed last week, and it's not likely to change this week: I'm kinda sick. It's not that bad, but all I can think about is sleep, sleep, SLEEP! And while I did manage to sleep a lot during the last few days, I never felt like my batteries were fully charged. I just managed to raise my head awkwardly, like some baby vulture coming out of its creepy little nest, and bury it again in my drooly pillow. (This is the moment where you feel sorry for me. Thank you.)

Topwebcomics just notified me today that my ad campaign would be active on their website from November 5th to November 14th. I'm quite excited! Maybe this is DazzWorld's big breakthrough! Or maybe not, but still, I'm proud of my banner. I think it's quite clickable. Also, DazzWorld has been featured on this list: http://best-webcomics.com/top-100-webcomics-of-all-time/. That kind of visibility is very appreciated. Reaching new readers is incredibly difficult, and this is really helping. So thank you, Best Webcomics! I will not forget you when I'm drowning in fame and money and more fame and more money.

Alright, I'm done boring you with my sickly antics. Enjoy this week's page. :)

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