2015-11-24: CATASTROPHE

avatarben2015-11-24: The "C" of my keyboard isn’t working. At first I intended to write this week’s column without using that letter, but then I realized I couldn’t, because I’m talking about Scrooge McDuck. He’s not only rich, he’s also full of C’s. So I’m just using another keyboard. Simpler, yet a lot less fun.

So let’s get on with it. Once per year at some point I try to get my hands on the fabled Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, by Don Rosa. It’s a highly praised comic book which has now gone out of print, and while collectors might seek it for its monetary value, I for one just want to read the damn thing. In my hands. So I was looking for the comic online, finding nothing affordable as always. Apparently reprints had been made, but I couldn't find any. Anyway, I stumbled upon this.


Oh. My. God. This is… this is just incredible. It's a soundtrack, but then it’s not. It’s music inspired by the comic itself, an homage to the richest duck in the world by Tuomas Holopainen, from the symphonic metal band Nightwish. And it’s pure genius. How I didn’t know this existed, I have no idea.

Now I’ve seen at least one review stating that Nightwish fans might be disappointed by the non-metal aspect of the album. That, I can understand. It was indeed a little weird to open the colorful CD case and find ads for bands like Carnifex, The Exploited, and Battle Beast. Well I’m here to tell you: I don’t know anything about Nightwish (sorry), but I know a lot about anthropomorphic treasure-hunting ducks. That’s why I bought the album without hesitation, and that’s why I can’t stop listening to it. It’s just that good.

Some might say I tend to consume strange products when it comes to music: almost all of the pieces on my iPod come from obscure soundtracks, and the rest is just filling in case someone finds my iPod and reveals to the world that I’m a freak. But this album is special. It’s profound, it’s harmonious, and it’s rich (uh-uh). It’s also very powerful, as the vocals are nothing short of haunting.

I couldn’t get my hands on the two-CD deluxe version (one is instrumental only), but the vocals are so good that I don’t think I’d ever listen to the instrumental version anyway.

Story of your life, time of solitude and strife
Freedom of an open road, hope and many miles to go
Promises to keep, countless goldfields to reap
To be rich is to seek, to relive a memory

Yes. Yes it is. You can find the video for this song right here, with an appearance by Don Rosa himself. And you can find the album on Amazon. I got mine from Amazon.ca so it’s not a rare, impossible-to-find thing like the ever-elusive comic.

Speaking of which… Christine told me she used to read Scrooge comics as a kid. In French. That’s when I remembered I also spoke French. And that’s when I found this.

Ah-ha! Victory at last! I ordered it right away, and soon I’ll be able to read my Picsou comic while listening to my Picsou album. Yes, in French, Scrooge McDuck is called Balthazar Picsou. It doesn’t make the smallest bit of sense, but it’s pretty badass so I give it a pass. Plus, I’ve always known that character as Picsou. I mean, don’t you remember that classic song?

C’est le plus riche de tout Canardville… Picsou, Picsou!
Il vaut des milliards, en or en dollars… Picsou! Who-ou!
En suivant Fifi, Riri et Loulou… Who-ou!

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