2015-12-22: RED NUISANCE

avatarben2015-12-22: Jingle bells and Santa and stuff! When I made this panel a couple weeks ago, I was like "meh, Christmas is forever from now", but here we are! Elves and presents and candy canes and Ho Ho Ho! :D

My enormous thanks to EVERYONE who took the time to vote on my Ugly Sweater Contest entry at Top Webcomics! We did stay in first place for a while, and then in second. I don't know how it'll end, but for a webcomic that was basically unknown less than three months ago, I think DazzWorld did great on the popularity side. And it's all thanks to you! :)

I didn't update my Tapastic page yet, mainly because blarg. Didn't have the time, didn't have the energy, and that's unlikely to change with all the wine and food I'm about to ingest. I'll keep you posted from the hospital!

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