2015-12-29: REVELATIONS

avatarben2015-12-29: And now we're back with the main storyline. We will never know for sure what happened to Santa, but according to the content of my 2015 loot cache, he made it safe and sound.

Speaking of which, I got one gift that I put on my secret santa list as an afterthought, and wow it rocks. I'm talking about a board game of course: Flashpoint Fire Rescue. I'm not going to make a full review because I only played the "family" rules as of yet, which are simplified, easy-to-learn rules for quick play sessions, but I still highly recommend this game. It's a cooperative game full of complexity, yet it's incredibly fast-paced. The pacing is what makes it so fun: you're not spending most of your playtime waiting for your teammates to calculate how many tentacles are left on Cthulhu's backside. This game is full of action, strategy, and fun. And while I can't pinpoint why, I liked it better than Pandemic. Maybe it's because there's little toilets printed on the actual board. That's a first for me.

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