2016-01-12: BURDEN OF A HERO

avatarben2016-01-12: Ow, what's wrong with me?

I'm sorry, I haven't been on Twitter or Facebook at all these last few days/weeks. I kinda took a big break for Christmas, and now it's like I have absolutely nothing to talk about. I'm totally out of inspiration (or tweetspiration).

Maybe it's just the weather, I don't know, but man I'm blarg. Also, by the end of the month I'll be quietly smoking my pipe watching the sunset in Florida (I'll post a picture). So while I'm still physically glued to my office desk, translating important stuff about important things for important people (or so they say), my brain is already on vacation. I know this because I suddenly enjoy watching Peppa Pig.

On Wednesday I'm going to see The Force Awakens. I have NO IDEA how I managed to evade spoilers until now, but I did. I'm as ignorant as a baby bantha, so I expect to have a great time. But people who don't know me personally must be warned: I really, really hate going to the movies. So next week I'll either be commenting about how great the movie was, or about how I went berserk and threw my popcorn bucket all over that noisy guy's stupid, unibrowed face. Because all the people at the cinema have unibrows; I know this for a fact.

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