2016-01-19: THE WIZARD

avatarben2016-01-19: Well, I've seen Star Wars, and I didn't kill anybody in the process.

Overall, I thought it was pretty solid. It has a lot of flaws, some that can obviously be attributed to the director's particular MO, but in the end the ride is quite enjoyable. I recommend it, but it doesn't matter since the whole planet has seen it by now; it's just been replaced at the top of the American box office by Ride Along 2, a movie I didn't even know was a movie.

I really don't get why it has to leave so many questions unanswered, though. It's Star Wars: you don't need to build up suspense for the sequel. People will see it anyway, there's no reason we can't leave the theatre with a satisfied mind. Trilogies are so popular nowadays, people are starting to forget they're supposed to comprise three complete (yet related) movies, not three incomplete parts of the same movie. That's not exactly what happens with The Force Awakens, but it's close. Like I said last week I tried to avoid as many spoilers as I could, staying away from articles disclosing all the new theories about the franchise, but in the end nobody knows anything about nothing.

I was also surprised by how much I liked the soundtrack. It's hard to admit, but I'm not a John Williams fan. I do like all the Star Wars themes and all, but as much as I love movie soundtracks, I never, never listen to John Williams. Too orchestral, too in-your-face, too dramatic, I don't know. But this time, Williams has done something a little different (from my point of view) with Rey's theme. It's a little more subtle, a little more touching than the rest. So yeah, I really love it.

Here's a sweet cover by 24violins.com; I think it's worth checking out. (Of course it had to be violin.)

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