2016-01-26: THE COMFORT ZONE

avatarben2016-01-26: We might be in trouble. And by we, I mean you!

I've been experiencing some charging problems with my Cintiq Companion (the tablet I use to make DazzWorld) for a while, and I just learned that Wacom is aware of the problem and is offering to fix it for free. Great, I thought. Let's fix it! However Wacom has been extremely slow at answering my help request by email (I wanted to call at first, but I hate speaking on the phone as it reminds me too much of genuine human contact), and now I'm about to leave on vacation so I won't be there to send/receive my stuff.

Long story short: there might not be a comic next week, as this coincides with a period of extreme laziness where I made zero comic in advance. The one you see up there is the last one I made, and if my Companion dies before I make another, a new age of darkness will fall upon the realm of mankind I'll be late.

Still, things might work out after all. We'll just have to wait and see, but here's a spoiler in case it doesn't: nobody dies in the next page.

(BTW Wacom, can you check if your tech support guy is still alive? Thx.)

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