avatarben2016-02-01: Okay, if you're reading this, it means it worked and you can see the newest comic. Great. I'm updating the site a couple hours early, because this is probably the only time I'll have Internet access before tomorrow morning. Plus, my Cintiq Companion is still dying a slow death. So enjoy the incredible feeling of reading tomorrow's comic tonight.

[I'm letting that sink in... OK done.]

I had a chat with Wacom's customer service. The guy was very nice, but I'm not super impressed; yes they'll fix the tablet free of charge, but it can take 10 to 15 business days. Yeaaaah... nooo... Sorry, not satisfied. I'm a prolific webcomic artist, you know. I lose thousand of millions of moneys everyday I don't have my tablet. At least that's what I could be (or will be). What I'm saying is, this is a professional tool, and the price matches that definition. I didn't buy this to play Call of Duty; I need it to work and become rich and famous. And this is clearly a manufacturing defect. And... blarg, whatever. I could talk about this for another 10 paragraphs and still be right, but I'm boring myself to tears.

Let's just say I'm not happy, and I still fear a Dazz-outage in the coming weeks.

*UPDATE: I got satisfaction after all!*

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