2016-02-09: THE LAWS OF MEN

avatarben2016-02-09: I'm baaack! I'm tired of talking about my issues with Wacom though, so I'll skip the subject until I'm done with this whole thing.

Today I had the great idea to check out a website (can't remember the link) that makes analyses of other website traffic and revenue, net worth, stuff like that. Well I'm pleased to announce that, at this time, dazzworld.com is worth a gigantic total of $8.75! That's in US dollars of course, which means I'm rich in Canada. YEAH BABY. The Oatmeal, eat my dust.

As for my Florida vacation, it went very well and it was lots of fun, especially for my daughter who got to ride It's A Small World two times in a row at Disney World. Ugh, that song... that... that *&*%$/* song! Seriously... let's say it made me appreciate Frozen a lot more. Disclaimer: I've been on this ride three times now, and two times out of that I got stuck behind a bunch of other boats, waiting for my ears to self-implode. So be prepared if you go in: you might hear the song loop, and loop, and loop, and loop, and... ARGH! The only thing keeping me sane was that I kept imagining the water was the same thing Lisa drank in that particular Simpsons episode.

Here's a great song from a Don Bluth movie to stay on the topic. Of course it's not Disney, but that's the whole point.

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