2016-02-16: ALWAYS READY

avatarben2016-02-16: First, check this out! :D

Thanks Peter and son! It's great to see DazzWorld is slowly creeping its way out of its home website, like some kind of... virus, or... disease, or... something. Okay I have no idea where I was going with that, let's skip ahead.

Wacom update: I have found a pretty good elastic band that prevents my power cord to move out of its socket. (It does its job better than the actual tablet, I can tell you that.) So I'll be postponing my repairs as much as I can in order to build a sufficient comic reserve.

In other news, DazzWorld will be back on Tapastic, with multiple updates coming in the next weeks/months. As you can see I have deleted everything, and now I intend to post new pages every two or three days to get some visibility. My other entries got some attention at first, but they were stagnating since I never updated them. Hopefully I'll be resolving that. I abandoned the XL version as it wasn't better received than the original. Less work for me! :D

In other, other news, I intend to add some stuff to the site, like a comment section under each comic. Right now the only practical option I have found is a Facebook comment section, but I'm not too fond of that. I'd like it to be less formal, like "type your name, type your comment, press Enter, et voilà". The Extras section will also be reworked. And... MAYBE... JUST MAYBE I'll start working on my Patreon page.

So there, expect stuff to happen in the kinda-near-future! :)

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