2016-03-01: RETRIBUTION

avatarben2016-03-01: Okay, first: I'm super sick. I cough and I sneeze and I drool and my head's as heavy as a garbage truck, and just as disgusting.

Also, my tablet has finally died: it refuses to charge no matter how I tinker with the power cord. Nevertheless, I got in touch with Wacom (again), and this time we came to a satisfactory agreement. Yes, you read right: I, Ben, stand satisfied. That doesn't happen a lot, so kudos to Wacom. Of course I'll still be several weeks without a tablet, so I won't be able to draw for the next few weeks. I managed to build up a decent reserve, though, so fingers crossed. Anyway, I'm typing this on my old Dell; it's not a bad machine, it just doesn't work as a drawing pad no matter how hard I press on the screen.

As for today's comic: I was really eager to get to that point in the story. Domord and Bernius are at the core of the Dazzling Heroes, and while this has been established, explained, and exposed... it's never really been shown yet. Well, we're getting to it...

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