2016-03-08: DREAMS OF DOMORD

avatarben2016-03-08: Ugh, I'm just starting to feel better, and even now I'd rather be sleeping than anything else. Turns out having the flu is several times worse than having a cold, what do you know.

There's something weird that happens to me everytime I'm sick, though: I start smelling things. Things that are just... not there. This year I'm aware of this rather peculiar symptom, so I'm doing my best to ignore it. But the time before? I kept imagining someone dropped half a box of Lucky Charms cereal in the central air conditioning system. It was like this weird, sugary smell that'd follow me everywhere I went, and I couldn't shake the idea that it was coming from inside the house. I got on all fours in every corner, sniffing away at the air vents, trying to convince everyone that I wasn't crazy. No, no, they were crazy, not me. As you might've guessed it didn't work too well, so now I've learned to live my life with the constant smell of cheap breakfast cereal. No big deal.

But for the record, those dumb cereal mascots are nothing but frauds: you CAN actually get enough of it, quite fast.

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