2016-03-15: PINK PERIL

avatarben2016-03-15: This is it, last page before I run out! The next one will have to be hand-drawn on real paper, with real pencils, like we're back in the stone age or something. I'm quite excited about it, really; it's just gonna take a lot longer than usual, and I don't have that kind of time right now. You see I'm head-deep in potty training territory (figuratively speaking) with my daughter, and it sucks most of my energy. Dammit, UPS, why did you have to hold my tablet at customs for three days?!

I really like this week's page, by the way. I like the format. Maybe I should start expanding my usual format vertically in order to let the panels breathe a little more? We'll see, I don't know yet. I'm very cheap in the resolution department, because when I first learned to build websites, each pixel cost a fortune in bandwith. When was that, 2002? 2003? I think Limewire was still a thing.

In other news, my Tapastic page is not working at all: each time I post, I get between 8 and 12 views at most, then I get bumped. I know it can do better: the first time I posted, I got 6-7 subscriptions almost immediately and got in the "Trending" section. I've been lucky, yes, but I know it can happen again. So if you've got a Tapastic account, give DazzWorld some love! It'll make a real difference. :)

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