2016-03-22: CRUDE TRAGEDY

avatarben2016-03-22: Of course, of all the pages I had to make without the help of a tablet, it had to be that one: full of fuzzy pink hair that should have looked cool, with lighting that should have looked cool, and it doesn't even end on a joke. Enjoy! :)

At first I really wanted to make some kind of masterpiece; I was ready to ink the whole thing with pens and brushes, and maybe even add watercolor. Yes, this was going to be an awesome craft project. But then I ran out of time and went for the crude pencil style, with colors à la mouse, because I'm a lazy bum.


I used to draw on paper all the time, but now that I've been using a tablet for months, I can honestly say that I did not enjoy this one bit. First, it hurt my hand. Then the inadequate lighting hurt my eyes. Pencil got smeared everywhere. And I think I even cut myself. It's terrible, just terrible I tell ya. Let's hope I never have to real-draw again; fake-drawing suits me well enough.

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