avatarben2016-03-29: Hey, I have a new tablet! Wacom sent me a brand new Cintiq Companion 2 as a replacement for my faulty Companion 1, and I must say: it does rock quite a lot. So, rejoice: I will stop complaining about my broken tablet, right about... now!

I also updated the format of the comic, with a bigger resolution. Of course it's scaled down, so you shouldn't notice it. But if you DO notice it, please tell me if it's: a) better; or b) worse. The idea is that if you zoom in, the comic should look a lot less blurry. (In theory only. In practice I have no idea of what I'm doing.)

Storywise, I must say this whole "pink hair" thing has been a little tedious, because at first it was supposed to be a sidenote; I just needed something weird to happen to Domord. But I just couldn't resist going further and further, and now it's just hair everywhere. Next week should mark the end of this... HAIRY SITUATION! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! :D

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