2016-04-26: DANGER, DANGER

avatarben2016-04-26: This week I wanted to make a complete review of my brand new FlipSteady case, but... it's not here yet. I got the shipping confirmation today though, so... maybe next week? The week after? I was thinking about making a video, but then I remembered I don't have a camera or a microphone or any knowledge of video editing whatsoever. Well OK that's not true, I have video editing skills that were useful 15 years ago, back when I was a freelance 3D/2D Animator. This didn't work out too well. Also, did you know I used to make 3D props and characters for Tripping the Rift? True story. It makes me feel like I'm 100 years old, but it's true nevertheless.

So, let's change the subject. Did any of you play Fallout 4? Dom and I are both playing it these days, and wow... what a clunky game! I do enjoy it, quite a lot actually, but every second I spend in this game I feel it's going to fall apart and corrupt my Xbox. I don't get it, has this been playtested? I can understand a few bugs here and there, especially in a sandbox-type of game, but the whole companion system is blatantly broken. Travelling with companions in Fallout 4 feels like a homemade mod for Morrowind (did I lose you yet? I'm talking about ancient electric games, FYI).

In Fallout 4, your companions will put themselves in immediate danger at every chance they get, they'll sit down on a nice comfy couch while under fire from angry supermutants, they'll fall down buildings, get back up and fall down again, they'll get run over by cows, they'll stand in doorways for 30 seconds while you're trying to get through, they'll jump right in front of you while you're busy firing ridiculously powerful nuclear weapons... they're a goddamn nuisance. And it's not just an aftertought: the whole game insists you travel with companions. But why? There's no point, it's badly done, and the engine clearly can't take it. I hope they leave this feature out in Fallout 5. Just have some NPCs stay at your campsite and give you bonuses if you're nice to them; they really don't need to move at all. Actually it'd be better if nothing moved. And if nothing was in 3D. Actually what I'm trying to say is the original Fallout was better, even if I never managed to get past the rats in the first cave.

Aaaaanyway. What I'm trying to say is... I really feel like playing some Fallout 4. Be-bye!

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