2016-05-10: ET LA POCHE TRAÎNA...

avatarben2016-05-10: I've been using my FlipSteady case for a little more than a week now, and I'm eager to write a complete review about it. However I tought I should wait and familiarize myself with it a little more, as it is a very intuitive tool/gadget/item. You need to practice with it, you know. Right now I can say only one thing: I'm satisfied. Be sure to wait until next week if you're thinking about getting one; I might have a little something for you (yeah okay it's a coupon, I'm not good with surprises).

Dom has been on vacation this week, and Yours Truly was chosen to take care of his ginormous cat Emile and friendly plant Hercule. Or was it the opposite? Well both are true I guess. I think I kinda succeeded, as there was no casualty.

In other news, I got my first payment from Google Adsense, which means you've been clicking on my ads. I'm not supposed to ask you to click on them, which of course I never did (don't do it, it's a terrible experience), but I can at least thank you for your support! This first payment is a drop in the ocean, and I'm lightyears away from making a living as an artist, but it does cover my website hosting fees. That's all I could ask for, so thanks! :)

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