2016-05-24: THE WALL

avatarben2016-05-24: DazzWorld now has a pretty neat COMMENT SECTION, powered by Disqus! Yes I know, I wanted something that requires no sign in, but the Disqus thing was the easiest to integrate, and it was also FREE. Plus, it looks great. I don't even mind having the Disqus logo down there; it's classy enough. The good news is that you can sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google user name and password. If you have none of these, well... sorry, but you do not exist by 2016 standards. :-/

[UPDATE: Actually I just realized you can also post as a guest if you check a minuscule little box.]

I initially didn't want to extend the comment section to past comics, but then I did, so feel free to revisit the whole Dazz-Story to post your comments. I really, really want your comments. Oh man, if only I had comments. Mmmmhh... comments.

[UPDATE: The comment section is fixed and should be working awesomely from now on!]

Also, I keep asking Dom to send me stuff to publish in the Ramblings section, because I want to create the illusion of a flourishing community of like-minded individuals, all the while reducing the impression that I'm a sad, lonely soul in dire need of attention. Plus, content. However just as I was ready to give up on the idea, he sent me this next bit. I'm not sure if he still wants me to post it, so here it is. :P


avatardom2015-05-24: Hi Internet! Dom here!

It’s been a while, isn’t it? Well, sorry for my long silence... you all know how life is... always spinning around in every directions! Well tonight is the night where I’m finally sitting down at my overcrowded desk to write to you all, fellow DazzWorld fans!

So yes, I’m back from my holidays in the sun with my family, and it has been an amazing trip. Although I must say that I hate flying. It’s not that I’m afraid of the plane or being 37 000 miles in the air in a flying can, but rather spending like 4 hours without any room to do anything! Even eating is a challenge in these things! How can you manage to eat with your elbows stuck to your ribs? And let's not forget the risk of having "that guy" next to you. You know who I’m talking about... the guy who asks for an extension belt? The guy who’s drowning in his own sweat? The guy who always say "oh! Excuse me" because he’s taking all the elbow support space, and then repositions himself exactly like before so you can’t relax your arm anywhere? Anyway...

So yes, Ben has done a very awesome job as a housekeeper for ¡mi casa! Guarding with his life my cat Emile and my plant Hercule. (I was about to tell an inappropriate joke about something but hey, we all know DazzWorld is family friendly right?)*

So I'll just go watch Game of Thrones now (I always read the plot in advance on the Wiki before watching it...I’ll tell you why anoher time). Peace out.


*An inappropriate joke about a cat and a plant? What are you trying to do to my website!?  -Ben. 
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