avatarben2016-06-06: I honestly can't believe I made it to 60 pages. Granted, these are actually half-pages by traditional (let's say European) comic book standards, but taking into account the time I spend on color and all, I'd pretty much have enough content for a whole printed comic by now had I decided to go that way. Well, I didn't, so now we have a 60-pages webcomic. Yay!

I'm starting to realize my "Related Ramblings" section is turning into an "Unrelated Ramblings" section; I haven't talked about the actual comic for a while. But that's only because I'm afraid of revealing too many story elements. I'm very bad with spoilers, and I'd be very happy if I could just draw the whole story in a single night, post it, then write another story altogether. But I can't, because I need to eat, sleep, and watch Masterchef Australia. So I'll just say this: the next page is going to be special*, so stick around! :)


* The next page is not nearly done and may or may not be special. All claims by the author that the next page is going to be special should be interpreted with extreme caution. DazzWorld.com shall not be held responsible if the next page lacks several levels of specialness.
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