2016-06-21: MIDI DOUZE

avatarben2016-06-21: What on Earth is wrong with people today?

(Okay, please, stop, you're all talking at the same time and I can't hear you.)

Actually I want to talk about those weird Kinder Egg opening videos on Youtube. I don't even feel like posting a link, so let me explain: some dude buys a ****ton of Kinder Eggs, films himself opening them, and posts that on Youtube. Kids go crazy about these videos, so I guess there's a demand. I can see the motivation: each egg opening is a fun little surprise. I guess there are worse things in life.

But where things get crazy is when the dude in question doesn't film himself opening the eggs: he films his kids opening them. Like, here he is with his ****ton of Kinder Eggs that he bought with the clear intention of making money on Youtube, but now he's bringing his kids in the picture. Sometimes they'll open 10 eggs, 100 eggs, 1000 eggs, even eggs as big as them, because why not? That's what the channel is about. Kids are overdosing with toys and excitement and wasted chocolate eggshells, and you get to be a witness.

Well, I don't know, but personally I find this pretty twisted. Let's spoil our kids with toys and chocolate, film them, show the videos to a million other kids who will want to get just as spoiled with toys and chocolate, profit from this, then rinse and repeat, because money. Granted, I can't say for sure if this is really inappropriate or not, and I don't want to start any kind of controversy here, but meh. It's just... it's just weird man.

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