2016-07-05: FAMINE

avatarben2016-07-05: Right now I'm debating if I should get Xenoshyft: Onslaught. It's a cooperative board game about space marines blasting evil-looking aliens out of existence.

I'm a fan of the Warhammer 40K universe and, while I know it has nothing to do with this game, it still sounds like something I might enjoy. My biggest problem is the price tag: CoolMiniOrNot games are notoriously expensive (the French versions at the very least), but in this particular case the game contains no minis. So what's so expensive? the cards? Cards aren't that expensive. The box? It's a box. The translation...? Come on, that stupid thing?

The difference in price tags between French and English board games is just ridiculous: I'm a translator, and I'm pretty sure a translation costs a lot less than the development of a game from the ground up. I expect some kind of price difference because of the smaller market and bigger risk management, but other than that I think they're shooting themselves in the foot with such abusive pricing. You don't see this in other media; localization is supposed to bring in more money, so companies just bite the bullet and rake in the extra cash from exploiting new markets. Apparently publishers like Edge (who publish Fantasy Flight titles in both Spanish and French) are inconvenienced by the whole process, and I can't see why. All I'm saying is... somebody somewhere sucks at his job. Find that guy.

About this week's comic, I'm not quite sure if "feasting" can be applied to liquids, and as a professional Grammar Nazi it feels terrible to let this one slide, but... I mean, I could go ahead and change it, edit the .LIP file, convert it to .PDF, resize it, compress it to .PNG, then reupload it... or I could just pretend I didn't see anything. So, feasting it is.

MmmMMmmMm the bittersweet feeling of unapologetic laziness.

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