avatarben2016-07-26: I got some pretty awesome comments last week while I was down in the dumps, and I guess it really motivated me because I managed to ink five pages in a single week (compared to my average of one). Thanks a lot for the support, I needed that! (Google Analytics tells me how many people visit my website each day, but it doesn't tell me how many people actually like/follow DazzWorld. That's a mystery.)

This sudden rise in productivity will allow me to work on other things, but I'll also be on vacation this week so... maybe not too many other things. Speaking of which: I announced on Twitter that DazzWorld would soon be hosting a contest, and while this is TRUE, I think I announced it way too early. I need to reach a certain point in the story for the contest to make sense, so I probably won't be launching that until a month or two. But man, I'm so excited! OK I'll give you a hint: it'll be a drawing contest, but you can be terrible at drawing and still win.

Oh and yeah, Shopkins suck.

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