2016-08-02: TO THE DEPTHS

avatarben2016-08-02: I know lens flares are pretty kitsch, but I really wanted one so instead of using a filter I just made it from scratch. What do you think? My wife didn't really see it, but I like it.

As I'm writing this my toddler is throwing a tantrum about... something... not sure what, actually. I think her mom removed an elastic band from her hair, and this was just too much of an injustice. She barged into my office shouting and crying (the toddler, not the wife), then she tried to slam the door but couldn't, then she told me I was a big meanie for some reason, and now she's gone. I can't hear her anymore. In other words: success! :D

In the incredible journey of being a dad, the best parts are when annoyances just stop inexplicably; it feels like you just won a little lottery.

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