2016-08-09: GOING DOWN

avatarben2016-08-09: I had no idea how this page would appear on screen, but I figured it wouldn't be a big deal if the effect was just okay-ish. This is a webcomic, so there's always room to try new things and improve upon them. However I actually really like it; now I'm worried that if I become super famous and decide to print a bunch of DazzWorld anthologies to make a quick million dollars, I'm going to need 10 pages just for this one.

At first I wanted to title this page by referencing the second level in Battletoads (the vertical one, obviously), but after a quick search I discovered this level is actually called "Wookie Hole" for some... obscure reason. I don't... I mean... uh, what? Look, I'm just not going down that route. I'll have to find some other time to be clever.

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