2016-08-23: TREMORS

avatarben2016-08-23: Last week I got my hands on Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. It's essentially just a reskin of Pandemic with a Cthulhu theme/twist.

I'm really pleased with this game. I never really got into Pandemic just because of the bland presentation (at least in my taste). Those generic-looking pawns reminded me way too much of Parcheesi, and I ain't playing no Parcheesi. I also don't want strangers looking from afar thinking I might be playing Parcheesi. This house is Parcheesi-free. Anyway, problem fixed: this game is absolutely gorgeous.

My only gripe is with Cthulhu's awakening being considered as the ultimate bad thing to happen, so bad it makes you lose instantly. Now I don't think that's fair: during a single game you'll awaken a whole bunch of Great Old Ones, and some of them are canonically a lot more powerful than ol' Cthulhu. I guess this was necessary for marketing reasons, but it doesn't make a lot of sense considering most people who'll buy this game are probably Lovecraft fans. I demand an erratum! Justice for Azathoth! Fm'latgh hlirgh hrii R'lyeh!

Anyway... slow week.

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