avatarben2016-09-06: I don't know if I ever addressed this, but I try to keep DazzWorld as profanity-free as possible. This is not because I'm some kind of stuck-up prude obsessed with family-friendliness; I actually think readers of my comic, regardless of their age, are intelligent enough to read a couple bad words and not freak out about it.

No, the reason I do this is because, no offense to whomever it may concern, I think a lot of webcomics rely too much on profanity for their punchlines. I often find myself thinking "this wouldn't be funny if that big F--- wasn't there". And yeah, it does work. It is funny, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just not what I'm trying to do with DazzWorld.

So in this particular case I went for a compromise, because without a text bubble the last panel felt kinda bland. It's pretty obvious what Domord is saying, you just can't officially read it. The official line is actually "Holy Salt!", a reference to the hardships of the salt mining industry before the eighteenth century.

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