2016-10-04: THREE HUNDRED

avatarben2016-10-04: I've been super busy last week, in part because my kid was sick and I had to take some time off, but also because I recently re-picked up Hyrule Warriors for my Wii U, AKA that useless paperweight I barely ever use. Usually.

Hyrule Warriors is not a great game, but it's a great timewaster. Granted, it's super repetitive, the story is retarded, and I have no idea why I like it. But I used to own the original Dynasty Warriors 2 on Playstation 2, and I don't know why, but I just can't get enough of that brainless gameplay. It's like an extreme version of crosswords, solitaire, or sudoku: you know you're wasting your time, but it's addictive as hell and what else are you gonna do anyway? Take out the trash? Bwahaha! Take that, wife.

Aaanyway, I hear there's a cool contest going on; better check it out before it's no longer going on. :)

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