2016-10-11: SNAIL MAIL

avatarben2016-10-11: Howdy peeps! (It's getting harder and harder to find good introductions.) Let's talk about the actual comic for once.

When I first launched my Monster Contest [obligatory link], my intention was to have Bernius and Domord immediately stumble upon an empty cave, and have the "monster" appear way later, thus giving people enough time to send me their entries before the big reveal. But then I started this little sidestory with Isa and Rezmoz, and I'm having too much fun to just leave it at that. So you can expect a lot more of this, and we'll also probably go back to Anita's story sooner than I anticipated.

I'm not really sure what's happening with May-May, though. Maybe he's building another rocket for a big rescue; maybe he's just playing golf.

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