2016-11-01: THE WALKING DEAD

avatarben2016-11-01: I can't believe I didn't make a Halloween special, and I'm kinda embarrassed about it to tell the truth. :S

But on the street where I live (a bucolic boulevard mostly inhabited by crabby retirees), not a single kid ever comes for Halloween, so I don't even bother decorating; it's pretty hard to get into the Halloween spirit in these conditions. That's pretty sad I know, but at least my daughter gets to have a normal Halloween night at her aunt's. (Don't worry about me though, I'll get to steal some of her candy later.) Last year I went with her and her mom, but this time I felt a little under the weather and decided to sit it out.

Seriously, I'm writing this on Halloween night, and since I didn't buy any candy I'm one of these people who close all the lights and hide in the basement in total silence, waiting in fear. Except I'm not hiding at all: I'm sitting right by the window and I've seen exactly zero kid walk by. One jogger did pass by, and a lady was walking her dogs, but none were wearing a disguise (unless these were the worst disguises ever). And... that's it. Spooky!

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