2016-11-15: BRAVE

avatarben2016-11-15: Well, it appears my employer needs me to work overtime. Again. And who am I to refuse? Someone with an actual spine? No way. I'm totally happy to lend a hand, for the good of... someone, somewhere, who is clearly not me. On the other hand, I started playing squash with my wife, and I absolutely love it. What a great sport! And it's not like I almost die of exhaustion after two or three rallies either. So now I'm full of energy, just so I can work more. Yay...

As you can see I've been pretty busy, which prevented me to promote my Monster Contest as much as I wanted. There's only 29 days left to enter, so I will reveal my dark, dark secret: I really didn't get that many entries yet. So, statistically speaking, everyone who enters now has a pretty good chance of winning. And I really don't know anything about statistics, which means even better odds for you, by about 56% plus standard deviation. See? I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go back to whatever my real job is; a Canadian minister is counting on me. It can't be as important as making comics though... :)
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