2016-11-22: A LEGEND IS BORN

avatarben2016-11-22: First and foremost, I must apologize to Peter's son Oskar (from Fatherhood. Badlydoodled.); he sent me some great fanart a while ago and I still haven't posted it in the Extras section. It will be posted, I promise, but when I finally got around to do it last week I realized I forgot how to edit that page. So I postponed that particular edit. Not that I don't get a lot of fanart, but... but... yeah... :P

Did I tell you I really got into playing squash? Man, I can't get enough of it. I must share this knowledge with the [fat]world: find a sport you love, and doing it won't feel like an effort. It won't even feel like exercise. You just play, and magically get into shape. Well I can only assume that last part, since I only started last week. But according to my calculations, I will eventually end up less fat than I am right now. (And by the way I'm not exactly "fat". I just happen to have the same silhouette as the sport I'm playing.)
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