2016-12-06: END OF THE ROAD

avatarben2016-12-06: This is it: the LAST WEEK to enter DazzWorld's Monster Contest! :)

Now if you've been paying attention, you already know that's not the "monster" talking in the last panel of this week's comic, since the contest is ongoing. That's someone else; you'll have to wait and see. I'm eager to advance the plot, because I feel it hasn't been going fast enough lately. Come on, Ben! You have a story to tell, characters to develop, monsters to draw!

As for the contest itself, I'll be compiling the entries (all four of them) starting next week, decide on which one's the best with the help of my friends and family (all four of them), then I'll probably make some Christmas special because Christmas, and then shortly after the winner will be unveiled directly in the comic. So, expect the results in January. :)

But what am I doing? I'm talking like the contest is over! But It's not! If you haven't submitted an entry yet, now's the best/last time ever! :D

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