2016-12-13: UNMASKED

avatarben2016-12-13: DazzWorld's Monster Contest is now closed! As I stated last week, you'll see the results somewhere in January. In the meantime, I'm sure you'll find something else to keep busy... like... Christmas? Is Christmas still a thing? :)

In related news, next week will be the Christmas special, so you won't get to see what happens next right away. I know, I'm sorry, the suspense must be unbearable. But that's what you get for following DazzWorld: PURE. INTENSITY.

My daughter is bugging me while I'm typing this, so I'll mess with her by typing right in her face what I'm NOT getting her for Christmas: a robot dog; a motorized mini-4x4; a Furby; a Hatchimal; anything-Frozen-or-Caillou-related; a drum set; that baby Carebear plush that costs 200$ on Amazon.

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