2016-12-27: NO REGRETS

avatarben2016-12-27: Merry after-Christmas!

I'm about to launch my Patreon page in a few days, mainly because why not? I've been struggling for the past year with the challenge of finding the sweet spot between nice rewards and realistic goals, but now I think I'll just go with what I consider convenient for my situation, and won't worry that much about having many patrons (or not). At first it'll mainly be a "tip jar" for people who feel like supporting a budding, enthusiastic comic artist like myself. I won't be offering $15/month packages with videos and plushies and pins and buttons and free cake, because I can't possibly keep up with that kind of extra work. Yet, I think I have a good idea for simple $1 and $3 options, so be sure to check it out once it's online. [Update: it's online!] I also won't be setting too many goals, because I want to be able to fulfill them in due time.

In short, I'm going to be extra careful with my Patreon page; I sure don't want to be asking for too much or to be giving too little. If you're interested in supporting me though, you already have my many, many thanks! :)

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