2017-01-10: A FAMILIAR VOICE

avatarben2017-01-10: As you might have guessed, the winner of DazzWorld's Monster Contest will be unveiled next week, yay! Because, you see, the monster is coming. And he's angry. Because... well, because monsters are always angry.

I'll also be updating the Extras section with all the entries, but this might have to wait for a little while because I'm going on vacation. I'll try to update the comic as usual though, but I'll be in Florida, and things are complicated over there (not like here in Canada where everything is perfect 10/10 all the time). I'm going to live with gators you see, and they don't always offer good Wi-Fi.

AAAALSO, if you're on Tapastic, be sure to check my "new" series: DH#278. It's the last big project I made before launching DazzWorld, back in 2013; it involves mostly the same characters, but it's a non-canon, standalone story. For now I only published page 1 to 6, but I'll try to translate and upload all 56 pages before the end of 2017. It's all hand-drawn, and it's far from perfect, but I feel it's a nice little addition to DazzWorld. (It's being totally ignored for now, but Tapastic is a weird, weird platform that I don't understand at all.)

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