2017-01-17: AND THE WINNER IS...

avatarben2017-01-17: Congratulations to Stefan Binder from Grande Gaming Comics for winning DazzWorld's Monster Contest!

You just won a place in DazzWorld history, as well as a 13x19 signed high-quality print of the above comic, that I'm going to be shipping to... wait... *drumroll*... Austria!? AAAGH I'm ruined! Ah well, here's the original entry:


I admit it was pretty easy to recreate the monster in the comic, because it was already so well drawn. While it's true that talent wasn't a factor in determining the contest's winner, I chose this one because of its many, many features: an awesome haircut and beard, tiny useless t-rex arms (which make the haircut and beard even weirder), tentacles, razor-sharp teeth, and a dorsal fin. It's just all-around great. :D

As I mentioned last week I'm going on vacation, like, today, so I might not be able to upload the whole gallery right away. But it's coming, it's coming! Again, congratulations, and thank you for your participation! :D

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