2017-03-07: FASTER THAN WIND

avatarben2017-03-07: So, the Nintendo Switch is out! I'd tell you what I think about it, but finding one has proven extremely difficult, even if, for the first time ever, I was happy to buy a Nintendo console without thinking about it twice. I wanted to make that purchase, no matter how bad the console was going to be. It was a leap of faith I was willing to execute blindly. But it turns out the Switch's main flaw is its incredible elusiveness. So I didn't get one.

Now I'm not saying the Switch was impossible to find; some of you probably have one right now. I just deliberately chose not to get too intense about it, I didn't wait on Amazon at midnight with my finger on the button like I probably should have. I just thought "eh, I'll get one". But that thing sold out in minutes both at preorder and at launch. Hey, we want to give you money. Just take it people.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about how disappointed I am, because the twist is I'm not! Indeed, having been denied the opportunity to waste $400 on a gadget I didn't need, I decided to get Zelda: Breath of the Wild for my good ol' Wii U. And wow, that game is AMAZING. Moreover, I read some reviews and apparently both versions are almost identical, even performance-wise. I was shocked to learn the Switch version had framerate issues, apparently just as much as the Wii U version. That's pretty terrible. So, bottomline is: the Switch does looks cool, but if you have a Wii U and just want to play some Zelda, I'm here to report it'll run just fine. You can wait for a Mario Switch bundle to come out. Probably sometime before Christmas. With a price cut. A bigger screen. And some free amiibos included.

BTW there was no snail in the aquarium filter last week. There just wasn't enough water. And just when you thought my anectodes couldn't get more exciting! :)

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