2017-03-14: PAGE 100

avatarben2017-03-14: I've been hooked to my Wii U for the past week, like, almost surgically. Breath of the Wild is one of the few games I'm thoroughly enjoying and that I can also play in front of my daughter (The Witcher 3 didn't get an E rating for some reason). It's also so huge and full of fun things to do and explore, I don't mind being told "go find another Korok, they're soooo cute" every two minutes.

There are, however, two things I don't like about the game: terrible voice acting, and the weapon durability gimmick.

People have been asking for years to hear the characters in Zelda actually talk. I didn't really care, but then again, why not? Well now I wish we'd just be back to text-only dialogue. Zelda's voice is all wrong and make her sound like a burned-out kindergarten teacher. The Great Deku Tree sounds like... like... I don't know what he sounds like, but there's nothing "Great" about it. I won't elaborate too much on this: the voice acting is terribad. Thankfully the voices are only in the cutscenes, but they ruin them completely nevertheless.

As for the weapon durability system: I like the idea, I just think it's overdone. I'm OK with weapons breaking in games, if they're not actually made of glass. In this game you cut like five trees with your "woodcutter's axe" and it's gone forever. I'm betting woodcutting isn't a very lucrative business in Hyrule. Same thing with pretty much every sword/lance/club: you can have a Magic Trebuchet of Holy Enemy Annihilation, it'll still break after two or three fights. That sucks, and it's the only part of the game I don't find fun. You have to switch waaaaaay too often, to the point where you spend more time managing your weapons than using them. Even using the D-Pad shortcuts, weapon-switching forces you to pause the action, and it happens during virtually every fight. I find this tedious, and I end up just throwing bombs at everything. That's what I don't get though: if I can have infinite bombs, why can't I have at least one unbreakable, low-level weapon? Just let me cut trees and hit boulders without worrying about my tools shattering like they're made of Legos! Instead I'm running around dynamiting the whole world, that can't possibly be better... right?

However, besides those two points, make no mistake: this is the best Zelda game I've ever played. It's actually better than Ocarina of Time. So... yeah, go get it! :)

(Oh by the way this is page 100!)

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