2017-03-21: THE PREDATOR

avatarben2017-03-21: I have to apologize to all my contacts on Facebook and Twitter: I totally disappeared, and I didn't even take time to thank you for your shares and retweet, let alone share or retweet anything myself. I've been trying to balance my work-life, my comic-making-life, my parenting-life and my Zelda-playing-life, and well... I just failed! I also went skiing a couple of times, and binge-watched some Blackadder DVDs. My schedule was full. (Oh and I also worked somewhere in there.)

While I was busy discovering I actually enjoyed being a couch potato, DazzWorld started feeling a lot more like work and a lot less like a fun, fulfilling hobby, so I started slacking on the only aspect I could afford to slack on: social media. As I might have said before I'm not really good at this, not because I don't enjoy the company, but mainly because I never incorporated Facebook or Twitter in my daily web-browsing sessions: I usually go for news sites, then I go on Youtube to watch the latest Nerf reviews by Coop772, and then if I still have time I google "Trump" a dozen times. I have to remind myself to go on social platforms, and it doesn't always click.

I also stopped paying for advertisement, because I wanted this money to be spent on more important things, like booze, sushi and amiibos. I just feel like... you know... taking a small break from the glamourous life of a webcomic...er? webcomic-maker? webcomicist? Dammit, I don't even know what I'm called. :S

But don't worry: DazzWorld is still running, and we'll soon be entering a new chapter/area! :)

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